The Walker Inn

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3612 W 6th St, Los Angeles, US

By Caroline Pardilla

The Walker Inn, the intimate and sophisticated drink den by Proprietors LLC and 213 Hospitality, redefines everyone’s idea of what a bar is. Menu themes transcend seasonal inspiration, attentive service ventures into concierge territory and ingredients are crafted in a cocktail lab. Even the bar’s entrance is located in the back of another bar, the Normandie Club, and marked by a ‘secret door’.

Although reservations are not required, they ensure you get the best seat in the house. At the bar it’s the six stools in front of the bartender where guests are treated to a lavish presentation of a five-course tasting menu.

But drink offerings go beyond the usual, playing out themes centred around author Alice Waters, the climate around the world, and California’s Pacific Coast Highway. Housemade ingredients, vintage glassware and technique help immerse the guests in a unique theatrical cocktail presentation. For the Rice Paddy cocktail off the climate menu, liquid nitrogen was activated to emulate rolling fog. The flavours of California Chardonnay were recreated for the Alice Waters menu using butter-washed French burgundy, cognac, vanilla liqueur, pear liqueur and sugar cane.

For guests seeking something in particular, however, the lounge has classics, speciality cocktails and large format offerings. But wherever you are seated, the bar staff make the night all about you. “Our favourite bars are always the ones which have a distinct point of view, but whose primary aim is to serve their guests,” says co-owner/bartender Devon Tarby. “We are constantly challenging ourselves to maintain this delicate balance.”