Torres Brandy

Torres - Official Brandy Partner

The history of Juan Torres Master Distillers goes back to 1928, when Juan Torres Casals – 2nd generation – began to distil wine using the traditional brandy-making method of the Penedès and selecting the best white wines to guarantee brandies of the highest quality.

Torres Master Distillers upholds this legacy, staying true to the mastery, tradition and origin of Torres spirits.

Over the years Torres’ quality commitment has been rewarded with numerous recognitions and awards, the latest being the Gold Medal for Jaime I at International Spirits Challenge 2017 and Double Gold Medal in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2016, or the Gold Medal distinction for Torres 15 in the International Spirits Challenge 2016, followed by the Best Brandy Solera in the World Brandy Awards 2017.

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