Sweet Liberty

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237 20th Street, Miami Beach, FL 33139

If pursuing happiness was changing the way a city enjoyed cocktails, becoming an award-winning bartender, travelling the world to educate, becoming a mentor and being a friend to the industry, the late John Lermayer – founder of Sweet Liberty – succeeded. Sweet Liberty retains a tightly knit team, a spirits selection that has earned worldwide acclaim thanks to Lermayer’s desire to scour the earth for rare examples, and a bar that can seamlessly serve you some of the best cocktails, day or night.

The bar is built to put guests in the driver’s seat as they enjoy bartenders skillfully creating cocktails while having a view of the rare spirits that line the back bar all the way to the rafters. In its consistency, fantastic hospitality, great live music, wonderful food and family vibe, Sweet Liberty has become Miami’s most-loved bar. Lermayer’s spirit lives on and reminds us to ‘pursue happiness’ – the now famous line that adorns the back wall of one of the best bars in the world.