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Nybrogade 10, Copenhagen, Denmark

By Hamish Smith

In Scandinavian bartending the drink is king – few areas of the world measure up to this forensic examination of how to fill a glass. Perhaps the bartenders are environmentally prone – the Nordic food movement casts an almighty shadow and bartenders in the likes of Copenhagen want to prove the glass is just as mighty as the plate.

But one bar in particular has managed to deliver both thinking-men’s drinks and all-bases-covered experiences. That bar – the jewel in the Copenhagen crown – is Ruby.

“We look at the bigger picture – all the details that go into what makes for a great bar experience, not just the cocktail itself,” says general manager René Hedeland Larsen. “In my opinion too many bars lose themselves in the drink and forget about the feeling of the place, the surroundings.” Those surroundings are a grand old building from 1740, perched on the canal of the capital.

 It is aristocratically attired with marble, hanging lights and fancy wallpaper that, combined, make you want to succumb to one of the voluptuous armchairs. The guests err on the well-to-do, and even if they don’t, they are treated as if they do. Floor staff glide, bartenders smile and the lights twinkle – this is one sophisticated mise en scène.