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Nybrogade 10, Copenhagen, Denmark

Ruby has held a steady position in the list this year. With the barrage of new openings it's a testament to hard work to hold on to a place in the top 50.

Behind the stick you'll find Kasper Reiwe Henriksen. Now here's a young bartender who's going places. Earlier this year, he was lucky - and talented - enough to make it to the final 16 of Diageo's bartender super-comp World Class in Rio, Brazil. The last 16 is pretty epic considering thousands try their hand for a place among the reserve ranks.

If you've got a spare minute, Ruby's website is an entertaining read. The Ruby Cocktail Chronicles is a sort of blog about the bar, the cocktails and there's a lot about the weather and the seasons. That's because the bar focuses its menu on seasonality. Or, as it puts it: 'Every season we combine some of our favourite spirits with the fruits and flavours of the moment to produce a handful of seasonal cocktails' The Chronicles also feature 86 Rules of Boozing. Number 37 is: Try one new drink each week. Sound advice.

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