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Nottingham Forest

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1 Viale Piave, Milan, Italy

Far from the Saturday chants of the English Championship and the famous East Midlands City ground, this peculiarly named Milanese stalwart continues to earn plaudits.

Owner Dario Comini is a respected bartender with years of experience, coming to the trade from a chemistry background. That would immediately imply something molecular in the mixing here, although on the surface Nottingham Forest lends itself more to a tiki haunt. Nautical nick-nacks hanging from the ceiling and a massive mounted fish point to all things rum-related.

Of course, it transpires the chemistry background does play a role and Comini excels in the theatre of dry ice and syringes. Both used responsibly. Indeed, this is one of the few places pills can be served up legitimately as part of a drink.

Comini is an affable host and his appreciation for solid service in the bar proliferates through his staff to ensure that this tiny space is one of the best bars in the world, and certainly the best in Milan.