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438 Avenida Diagonal, Barcelona

Making part of your USP being 'hard to find' might not sound like the greatest marketing strategy for your bar, yet Mutis has made a name for itself for being discreet. Added to the search-and-find mission here is the fact that you'll need your name on a list to get in. Again, not exactly alluring but it seems this touch of exclusivity enhances its popularity.

To be fair, if you can find it and get in, Mutis delivers. Set in a converted apartment and surrounded by occupied residencies, it is an unusual project. While the rest of the apartment block no doubt relies on Ikea for its furnshings, Mutis has adopted the chic antique and 1920s speakeasy approach to interior design. It is also soundproofed, which might explain why people aren't knocking on the door in their dressing gowns.

Mutis has blended classic cocktails with modern mixes on the menu and all tastes are catered for. Meanwhile, each drink has a useful explanation of its purpose, which makes it easier for the novice. Perhaps most useful of all though, is the policy that everything that happens in Mutis stays in Mutis, suggesting that if mischief is your mantra, this bar is worth seeking out.