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438 Avenida Diagonal, Barcelona

Most of us dream a dream of donning a dust mask, heaving up a sledgehammer and pounding it through the walls of the kitchen to create an open plan space for our own bar. Usually a housemate, landlord or a wife, reminds you such an approach to living isn’t particularly practical – where would you put the sofa they say? And what of the telly?

The owners of Mutis seem to have responded to such frivolous concerns with a cursory “do one”, and have instead embraced and realised such a dream. At least this seems to be the case, since this bar can only be described as someone’s converted apartment.

Hidden away in a residential area, the initial challenge is to find the place, and, once you have, earn yourself entry since it’s all a bit exclusive. But once inside you can admire the care of cornices, verdant velvet drapes and the perky pianist who tickles the ivories after midnight. Drinks also attract plenty of plaudits and flirt favourably between the classics and some modern twists. It’s a speakeasy in essence, but one with a European flavour and, while it might be unfamiliar to some readers, this position in the top 20 of our list is sure to catapult it to a new queue of potential flatmates.