Lost Lake

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3154 W Diversey Avenue, Chicago, IL 60647

If you woke up in Lost Lake you’d be wondering what island you’d found yourself on. This vibe extends throughout this “tropical oasis-meets-flotsam-strewn island hut”. Lost Lake’s team of award-winning bartenders brings education into the guest’s world with extensive knowledge of rum from all over the globe. Cocktails are mostly rum-inspired but as you peel back the layers you see gin, bourbon, tequila and whisky on the menu.

From the décor to the glassware, Lost Lake takes you into its own tropical world and makes you forget what city you’re in. Its “drinks to share” are not to be missed, with inspirations from the bygone tiki era. Lost Lake is not only a must when in Chicago for cocktails, it’s also a destination for delicious eats. Paul McGee and his bar team continue to elevate tiki in ways we never thought possible.