Lobster Bar

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Island Shangri-la, Supreme Court Road, Level 6, Pacific Place, Central, Hong Kong

WELCOME TO THE LOBSTER BAR, Hong Kong’s Xanadu of good living. Befitting a hotel group named Shangri-la, this is the kind of place connoisseurs go after a hard day’s discerning eating and drinking to really treat themselves. It is opulent, lavish but perhaps the clue’s in the name. The king of crustaceans has never been more at home than within the walls of this extravagant Art Deco bar and grill.

Chef Kevin Lee’s food is classical fare of lobster bisques and seafood platters and behind the bar is Agung Prabowo, who serves up Asian spins on classic cocktails, with more than a measure of flair. His specialism is in bar ageing of spirits, but a fresher, seasonal approach is also applied to a menu that has its roots in yesteryear favourites. Jazz, led by the grand piano that provides a focal point to glass-fronted space, is daily.

At Shangri-la hotels bars are given the special attention they deserve. For this we can thank the group’s global bar guru, Serhan Kusaksizoglu, or Charly, to those who have shared a drink with him and can’t muster the oral dexterity to pronounce his name. Lobster Bar is his flag bearer so it feels only right it is the first of his rapidly multiplying portfolio to make the list. 50 Best status is something he set his sights on some years ago for Lobster Bar and, now achieved, no doubt he will be pushing the likes of Atmosphere in Beijing, Gong in London and his new venue in Delhi to do the same.