Little Red Door

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60 Rue Charlot, Paris 75003

THIS SEDUCTIVE SPEAKEASY FIRST SHOWED UP ON OUR LIST IN 2013 thanks to bar talent that originally made their bones under Experimental Cocktail Club tutelage. Staff changed and we lost sight of it in 2014. But you don’t stay off the list for long when the man at the helm was recently crowned ‘the world’s most imaginative bartender’ by Bombay Sapphire.

With his lust for learning, exploring and discovering, Remy Savage continues to push Little Red Door’s cocktail programme to new places. 

When he’s not pouring drinks, he’s sourcing old bank notes for his paper syrup, working on saline solutions to enhance cocktails or collaborating with local craft beer specialists to develop seasonal fermentations. 

Bar owners Timothée Prangé and Dotan Shalev, Savage, and the entire team behind LRD put their all into living up to the bar’s tagline of ‘quality spirits, a welcoming social environment and impeccable, friendly service’. When someone slips through this door, they’re greeted with a friendly smile, mood lighting and a sexy, discreet ambiance that allows them to escape the daily grind and sink into an entirely different state of mind… as well as into the most comfortable bar stools (nay, bar armchairs!) in town.

Red doors have historically been associated with plenty of positive things, such as welcome and refuge. This Little Red Door takes you to a fantastical place where you’ll find exactly that. Plus a damn fine drink.