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Hemingway Bar

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Hemingway Bar, Karoliny Svetle 26, Prague, Czech Republic

PRAGUE WAS ONCE ALL ABOUT THE BEER HALL. For many, it still is, the city’s epic association with pilsners drawing drinking tourists from around the world. And rightly so. Beer is for winners. But with the tourist trail heavy with beer guzzlers and goulash enthusiasts, it’s nice to find an escape in the occasional cocktail bar.

There’s plenty of choice in Prague - the city’s bartender community is thriving and, while some have left to ply their trade in other cities, they often return to consult on bars and their success is inspiring fellow countrymen.

Hemingway is one of the bars that sustains this community but, more than that, it has helped pioneer the scene. There’s a whiff of American bar in the décor and vibe, a tribute to the great American writer whose name is on the sign. Drinks play to the theme, classic with modern twists where appropriate.

The team behind the bar is committed to this concept and the craft of their cocktails and they deliver with panache and worldly wise competence. The international bartender knows this bar, which is recognition enough, but the name on the door belongs to one of the greatest drinkers ever, and perhaps the highest praise you can give Hemingway is that he would’ve undoubtedly enjoyed a drink here.