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Hemingway Bar

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Hemingway Bar, Karoliny Svetle 26, Prague, Czech Republic

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Karoliny Svetle 26, Prague, Czech Republic

We’ve had a distinct lack of nods to everyone’s favourite literary imbiber in this year’s list. Thank goodness Hemingway rears his head in e(a)rnest at this bar in Prague. It pays homage to the great drinker with particular attention to absinthe, champagne and, of course, rum. In fact, rum has its own list at the bar because there are more than 200 kinds of it on offer – from all over the Caribbean and beyond.

Top of the cocktail list has to be the Hemingway Daiquiri: Havana Club 3 Años rum, Maraschino, fresh lime, pink grapefruit juice, dash of sugar syrup. Even in the grip of Prague’s coldest winter, you can be transported to the distressed beauty of Havana, Cuba.

Hemingway Bar is also part of the Rum Club CZ, a club for rum lovers all over the Czech Republic. Those enrolled on the members’ list can enjoy free talks on everything to do with rum.