Floreria Atlantico

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Arroyo 872, Buenos Aires

By Martin Auzmendi

After two years in the list, in 2015 Florería Atlántico lost its place – this prompted a rethink. There were internal changes, with Tato Giovannoni and Aline Vargas moving to front the new project and Sebastian Atienza commanding the bar. Under the slogan Atlantic Pride the bar was renewed with menu changes, guest bartenders visiting from New York, Lima, Miami, Mexico City and Paris, and a transformation of the kitchen. The plan was to ensure Florería remains the must-see bar in Beunos Aires.

The heart remains the same – a bar that tells the immigrant history of Buenos Aires, which is accessed from a florist and wine shop. The huge bar is the protagonist, the walls have Giovannoni’s own drawings of sea monsters and the kitchen offers seafood and meats with intense flavours but simple preparation.

Cocktails continue touring the city’s immigrant influences, from Polish and English to French and Italian and ending with the [Spanish-descended] Criollos, the final local synthesis. All cocktails are original in their recipes and presentation and make a map of local flavours, from aperitifs and bitters to local gin, fortified wines or anis and brandy.

The atmosphere is casual, with service always fun and friendly. The Atlantic Ocean is still an inspiration for this bar – Florería has appeared up the coast in Rio de Janeiro with its cocktails.