Fifty Mils

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Paseo de la Reforma 500, Juárez, 06600 Mexico City

Taking on the responsibility of the hotel bar at a Four Seasons comes with high expectations and Fifty Mils has met these, attracting premium clientele in an affluent pocket of Mexico City.

The bar’s décor reflects its location, carrying a sense of colonial Britain with grand portraits and Chesterfield sofas lining the interior to successfully create a warm environment in a large space. Fortunately, being the product of a high-end hotel chain, the bar gets a high turnover of guests, which is crucial for the size of the venue and its look.

The bar doesn’t stop inside either. The hotel has a large, square courtyard in the middle filled with big plants and additional seating to enjoy cocktails in the outdoors. The menu, created by Mica Rousseau and his team, boasts a series of twists on the classics as well as clean, well thought-out house serves which are presented in dramatic fashion.