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Clover Club

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210 Smith Street, New York, US

When Tales of the Cocktail 2009 named this place Best New Bar it was obvious it would leave its mark on the planet. Since then it has hosted the very best of the industry and an army of satisfied punters to boot.

Clover Club didn't disappoint from these early promises then and, in truth, it would've been a spectacular fall from grace since all the ingredients were there from the start.

There was the name borrowed not only from a winning cocktail but more importantly a select group of lauded Philadelphia journalists who, between 1882 and 1920, met at the Bellevue Hotel to eat, drink and talk. The owner is Julie Reiner, an all-round bar legend. The location helped, being Brooklyn's hip Cobble Hill. And then the bar top, which is an 1892 mahogany furnishing from Pennsylvania. Could it go wrong? Unlikely.

Even so, there are always unforeseen challenges in the bar world, so for Reiner and her team to have established this venue as a top 50 bar deserves further recognition. They've far from rested on laurels. Added to the aforementioned ingredients is the quality food, the easy-going atmosphere built with laid-back music and low lighting, and the excellent bar team. That it's a bartender favourite also ensures drinks are top notch.

In short, it's a bar, and one that does many things very well.