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52 Rue de Saintonge, 75003 Paris

By Forest Collins

While a handful of Paris bars made the list once or twice, only Candelaria can claim an impressive five-year streak. As a newcomer, this trendy taqueria-cum-cocktail bar shook up the drinks scene and scored a place on the list. Now, it’s a sage old-timer that trained and/or inspired a number of the city’s aspiring bars and bartenders.

One of the owners, Carina Soto, says: “It is an honour that the industry still recognises Candelaria as a world’s best bar.” And that’s why this bar keeps making the list. It cares about delivering a good end product. And, while it’s not fixing something that ain’t broke, it does keep tweaking for improvement.

This year, it updated its online presence, making it easier to reserve a table for drinks. And that’s an important customer service considering this tiny but high-volume bar only covers 45sq m.

It maintains a multicultural team of creative thinkers who develop ahead-of-the-curve menus such as the current one that includes on-trend ingredients such as aquavit and avocado. But it never forgets its roots as a people’s bar that highlights Latin spirits and still serves a trio of Candelaria classics, including the Naked & Famous – created by Joaquín Simó of Pouring Ribbons, another bar to hit the 50 Best – as well as continuing to update and add its own versions of traditional South American staples such as horchata, micheladas, batanga, chicha and presumably more to come.