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16A Queen Street, Edinburgh, UK

That the Scots don't feature more prominently on this list is possibly a reflection of how many voters ever get there, but if it isn't then it's a sad indictment. Indeed it's an eternal bug bear. After all, Scotland is a country with an extraordinary drinking heritage, a country that gave us whisky. True, the Irish are credited with invention, but the Scots made it a success, just as Andy Murray took an English game and made it Scottish. Well, British.

Yet Bramble is among the few truly celebrated bars in this part of the world. Edinburgh and Glasgow both deserve reappraising, these are important drinking cities so if you take nothing else away from this poll it should be that spending more time drinking whisky in Scotland is essential.

Regardless, this is about Bramble, and rightly so since the bar has made it on the list from the first poll.

Run by two industry stalwarts, it has been recognised many times for its commitment to discerning drinking. A stone's throw from the main shopping drag of Princes Street, the bar is named after Dick Bradsell's iconic cocktail, created at Fred's Club, London, in the 1980s, and while this is a nod to a love of gin, the team at Bramble can work their magic with any spirit they have to hand. A gem in a historic drinking city.