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16A Queen Street, Edinburgh, UK

By Joel Harrison

If you’re going to pick a cocktail to name your bar after, there are plenty to choose from. Calling your place Pornstar Martini, however, might immediately give the wrong impression, and even catch the wrong clientele. Choosing to name your bar after the Bramble on the other hand… well, clearly you can’t go too wrong.

Bramble was one of the early pace setters in Edinburgh’s rise as a key European cocktail capital, it is hidden away on Queen Street, one of the city’s most recognisable addresses, and is now surrounded by other bars which have all drawn on the same ideals of comfort, quality and personality and helped to establish the reputation of the cocktails in this city.

Inside the small venue, the cocktail menu gives a heavy focus to gin, with almost an equal weight to whisky. When it comes to cocktails – why not order a Bramble? But if you’re looking for something a little more bespoke, the IPA-based Bronson is a good call, as is the Cuckoo’s Nest Julep.

The dedicated list of gin serves covers everything from classic Martini and Gimlet through to a twist on the G&T using quinetum cordial and soda, and of course, you can choose which gin suits you best from more than 40 on the list. However, it is not just the current quality and craftsmanship of the bartenders here that should be celebrated. The fact that some of the best names in the business, both bar owners and brand ambassadors, have passed through as staff, is testament to the legacy which this great place has.