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Paulay Ede Utca 5, Budapest, Hungary

The Hungarian language is one of the most fabulously daunting and difficult to fathom. It has no basis in familiar Latin lingo and letters do not always sound as they appear. This mysterious tongue adds to the charm and intrigue of the country and to its capital city, Budapest.

Fortunately, the language of cocktails is fairly universal and, although the menu is in Hungarian, the likes of Hanky Panky, Vesper Martini and Flying Dutchman leap off the page.

The classics are credited to those who created them and, indeed, James Bond creator Ian Fleming gets a nod for the Vesper in his book Casino Royale circa 1950s.

The bar was started by the great Zoltán Nagy – ex LAB, London – and temporarily called Minibar until its proper name was settled upon.

If you visit the bar – or Hungary in general – watch out for the local hard stuff. It’s called Pálinka and it’s a sort of fruit brandy. It’ll knock your socks off.