Baba Au Rum

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6 Klitiou, Athens

By Gary Sharpen

Baba au Rum is proof that you don’t have to be big to make an impact. Every visit serves as a reminder that this bar is not much larger than your average home lounge. It has a home vibe to match though, and therein lies the secret to its success. It’s like hanging out at a friend’s house, only this particular friend knows everything worth knowing about rum, as well as how to put it to good use in some excellent cocktails.

The home-from-home vibe runs through the slightly retro design, as well as some nice touches such as vintage cocktail books and bar kit on display. But beneath the surface of this neighbourhood bar there’s a solid professionalism with a strong team banging out one good drink after another.

And when it comes to the drinks the clue’s obviously in the name, if you like rum this really is your place. Yes it salutes this wonderful spirit with just enough reverence (like the mini theatrical spotlights which illuminate the drinks being served on the bar counter) but it also serves them up with a large smile in keeping with the bar’s informality. 

The Buccaneer’s Negroni, substituting rum for the usual gin, is a favourite. But whatever you do don’t leave this fine Athens establishment without saluting it by enjoying the signature twist on the Daiquiri in the form of the complex and delicious Baba au Rum Cocktail.