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1C Portland Place, Regent Street, London

London keeps the top spot for the second year running and city rival New York is nowhere in sight. The Artesian has topped the poll again and we hope at least one of the corks popping in the bar will be for the team that has made the accolade possible.

Just round the corner from Oxford Street one of the UK's - and probably one of Europe's - busiest shopping destinations, sits the Langham Hotel.

In the hotel's restaurant Roux at The Landau, world famous chefs Albert and his son Michel Jr are the kings of cuisine, but behind the now-world famous Artesian bar, Alex Kratena and Simone Caporale run the show.

This is no ordinary 5-star hotel bar. If you want the trappings of tradition, you can have them because the chaps behind the stick know their classics. But if you want something a little, well, out of the ordinary, you've come to the right place. For a start, there's a slushy machine and now the bar also boasts both pandas and goats. Stick with us

The team launched a new and completely different kind of cocktail menu this year and libations include the Super Panda - Botran rum, mango, lime and lemon juice, almond and Kamm & Sons.

The drink is served over a single ice ball in a tumbler atop a paper panda lantern. As the glass squashes the paper lantern, a tangerine aroma seeps out to provide an extra dimension to the cocktail.

There are five steps to creating new cocktails, according to Kratena.

'These are awareness, inspiration, interpretation, execution and evolution of an idea. One has to be aware of everything and anything which surrounds us, in order to get inspired and to be able to interpret it based on our technical knowledge and life experience.

'After prototyping and testing the cocktails we come up with a cocktail for the list, but we never forget about evolving it. We believe anything and everything can be improved. If it's not broken, make it better.'

The bar serves some 400 cocktails on a busy night and at the moment the most popular will have you gazing into your own reflection. Forever Young is served in a vessel with mirrors. To read more about it and the goat, turn to page 72 for the full interview with Alex and Simone.